School Support

Fort Vermilion School Division’s pilot project, “Mental Health Capacity Building for Children and Families”, is sponsored by the Government of Alberta Health and Wellness. The aim of this project is to promote positive mental health in children, youth, families, and support individuals in the community who interact with children and youth.  The primary role is to implement an integrated, school-based community mental health promotion and prevention program, and work with community partners to facilitate access to early intervention and treatment services for those who require it. 



  • Works in collaboration with school staff, youth, parents and caregivers, and community organizations to create a culture that values and supports positive mental health and healthy relationships within the school and within the community 
  • Promotes positive mental health and healthy relationships through raising awareness, increasing knowledge, building personal and interpersonal skills (such as self-care and self-regulation), and fostering positive community norms (such as support networks and physical and psychological safety) 

  • Connects students, parents and caregivers, and school staff to community resources 

  • Works with staff to incorporate mental health topics with school curriculum, existing activities and events, and everyday conversations 

  • Collaborates on events and presentations with community partners 

For more information please contact edithd@fvsd.ab.ca.