Principal's Message

It is with great pleasure that I am provided the opportunity to work with each of you, the students and the community during the upcoming school year. My philosophy is one that is grounded in collaboration and teamwork, as I feel our profession does not function well if we are isolated from one another. You can be assured that I will work hard to assist you wherever possible, to ensure that your classrooms and students are presented with the best possible environment for effective teaching and learning.

The road to success is rarely an easy one, and we will experience challenges along the way. However on our journey for student success, we will face those obstacles in a professional manner, ensuring that we work together to enhance the lives of our students. Professional development for all staff will be an important goal for us throughout the school year. I would encourage you to put some thought into your goals for the year as well as your plan of action in achieving those goals. Although there will be some great opportunities provided to you within our own Professional Development plan, please continue to explore opportunities that can assist in your development.

The office door is open for people to come in and have a chat, we encourage community members to visit our school often. As you visit our school please take time to notice the student work that has been done and is being done. Our students work hard and are proud of their efforts.

I wish you every success this school year and I look forward to working with each and everyone of you.


Allan Spelrem
Principal ā€“ Upper Hay River School
(780) 535-2220 (office)
(780) 821-0072 (cell)